Stories From Under the Bridge

Collection size... Are they too big?

A little while back I had a customer request that when certain line of fabric arrived to let her know. So I did just that, and a very interesting conversation came out of it.

Why do designers have to make collections so large? That is my question. I am not sure if anyone really has an answer to this question.

With the soaring prices of fabric, shipping fees, taxes and duty, collections are becoming more expensive. Its not just the consumer that is effected but as well the shop owner.

This is my thought... if designers did collections that were only 15-20 pieces, not 24-30, more people might be able to purchase the complete collection. Plus for how fast some of these designers are pumping out collections these days, how does one keep up? Well just something else to ponder, as I have wondered this for a while now.  

I'd love to say I posted this on Two Cents Tuesday... but one problem it is Thursday!

Have a great weekend everyone, and thank you for all the birthday messages and love yesterday!