Stories From Under the Bridge

Eggs vs. Dirty Eggs

Eggs... what can I say other than they are consuming my life. From the text last night from an amazing friend saying... Can you pick me up 4-6 dozen eggs from the farm fresh stand down the road for me? To prepping my post for Instagram last night and then getting all nostalgic of my trolls at younger ages. 

So lets rewind about 22 years ago? Troll number #1, was I would say from about 6 months old, never ever ate eggs. I don't know if it was a taste, a texture or the fact I was told not to feed them eggs under two years old. The health nurses at home told me, remember I am a first time mother and will believe anything, not to feed them to Colb as he may develop allergies to them. So not knowing, I listened. Do you know how hard it was to get him to eat them? He would flat out refuse. The on going joke over the years with him was "Me no like eggs!" and that is what he would tell us. We still have a chuckle over that and no he doesn't eat them to this day. We will make a salad and put them in it and he picks them out and tells us we are sneaky. Fast forward now.... he is 24 this year! 

Now onto the other Troll, #2. He loves eggs, he's not that child that puts ketchup on them. (Trust me that is a whole other story him and his ketchup.. turkey yes, french fries no. Really??? Where did this weird child come from? Oh its ok to say that he is 19 this year and we bug him about it all the time.) 

Back to the egg story, Dunc loves his eggs so much that his father has tainted him. He has him putting cheese in them, which that I would say is normal. He will have a slice of toast with them. Thats normal, oh but wait did I mention the peanut buttter that goes on top of the toast and then the cheezie eggs are placed on top of that? Oh yes they do!

Here is the part that throws me for a loop.. as a child his grandpa would make scrambled eggs for him. Now you have Colb at the table saying "Grandpa me no like eggs!" and Dunc saying "Grandpa me no like dirty eggs!" Dirty eggs are the best, you know that bacon grease that is left in the pan and then the eggs are cooked in, it just so happens that that's the dirty part. The best part as well. 

I wonder if this is why I am so drawn to the Robert Kaufman Low volume eggs? Have a great #humpday everyone!