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New Everything

New Everything

2019 for me has been a busy start and we are only 8 days in. There has been a lot of excitement and movement in the house, and it has been overwhelming delightful for me. If you don't follow me on social media, here is the scoop. 

Who seriously decides to start moving their office, sewing room, dining room, living room, I should say living rooms on December 31st? Uh... I do! With the help of my youngest son and 2 of his friends we managed to move the whole house, or that what it felt like, in one day. Don't worry they were not worked overly hard, as with me having to sort, pack, and move "stuff" (yes lets call it stuff) they were able to take a few breaks and game in between. We started around 10 am, had pizza at noon, and by 3:40 pm, the troll #2 was done. Dunc looked at me and said "You have me for 20 more minutes and that's it!". What a nice boy for helping, although he was paid very well, and so were his friends. 

No organization happened until the next day, my body was done and I needed a break. We did however go shopping for lights (for the new space of course) and came home with a new sound system for the tv! I have come to the conclusion that the sound system was a good purchase. I have not watched Netflix in days, and have been listening to way more music. I am onto audio books next as I need to increase the amount I read. Some days I feel my brain is turning to mush, or is that because I am in my 40's?

So why the title "New Everything"? Well it's simple... New space, new way to function, new start to a blog, and lots of new products coming both my and your way on the website. Products that I forgot that I had ordered, so that was a new surprise this morning.

See the below picture, its 'kitschy' fabric as a friend calls it.I quite like it Offshore 2 is kind of fun, and very manly. 


Products that I said I am going to order in the New Year. Of which I randomly ordered today because I had a customer ask for it. I love cork, so it is now on the website but is coming soon. 

What else is new? well you will have to keep reading my random posts for my blog to see what up. I am hoping that this will help make my emails a little bit shorter and not "Novels". Oh this came from that same friend that thinks this fabric is 'kitschy'  She did say I could always hire my cat as an employee and have her write them. You crack me up, and I don't know what I would do without you some days. It's almost like you are my crazy sanity, in this fabric world we live in.