Stories From Under the Bridge

Parksville Getaway

Well the last few days I have been in Parksville, BC, well sort of. Brad and I came up on Tuesday morning as he had a work conference at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort. What a shame that I had to leave our place and join him. It was terrible, only kidding, it has been rather quite relaxing. It was just what I needed to get away as I seem to work 24/7. Although I did have to make a fast round trip back to Cobble Hill and Shawnigan Lake yesterday. With boxes and boxes of fabric arriving, I did not want anything left on the front door, plus I had to teach my students last night.

So here I am back in Parksville, in a new coffee shop called Brazen Poppy  Its a great modern space with yummy baked goods. What really excited me was the fact that they serve Drumroaster Coffee! You could say that it excited me just a tad bit to see that. I am down for a second cup this morning and maybe take home some baked goods? I had a mocha, and I am not referring to my cat, yes that is her name too. Plus a cherry almond cinnamon bun. Oh my I was in heaven eating that. Something to know about me is that I love anything cherry. Fresh Cherries, cherry coke, cherry lipbalm, cherry, cherry, cherry... I think you get it. There is my morning coffee review , seriously go check them out if you are in the Parksville. You won't be disappointed.  

Over the next few weeks I will be making some changes to our policies page. This last year has been very much of a learning experience for me, and I am really looking forward to a paycheck next year. I told Brad, I was not taking one for 2 years. I want to build my business and will make many sacrifices to do so, and trust me there have been sacrifices. 

We will be updating our special order requirements, bulk discounts, and our shipping. I know you see the word shipping and it will be a double edged sword. Some good, some not so good. To be honest, I hate raising prices on anything, but as you know the cost of living does go up. Don't worry it is not happening right away, but changes are coming. 

Well I need to cut an order, plan a door prize and go to the MQG meeting. So just a quick post today. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty heavy day and we just may have to tell you about it! Pop-Up Shop prep!!!

Have a great night,