Stories From Under the Bridge

Retreat Week is Here!

Printers are slow, that is what I have come to the conclusion of. I am attempting to print off 180 copies of a template for a paper piecing pattern I need to start working on. When will I have the time... tomorrow, well after I have caught up on the sewing bee I am currently in and so far behind on. 

I am quite excited about my next couple of days before my upcoming retreat. Sunshine coast here I come, to quilt with some quilty shop owner friends. We are all heading up to Gibsons for some long overdue R&R from the show season. The orginal plan was to only work on personal stuff, but ya thats not happening for me. First the catch up, and then new projects, if I am able to sew straight. There could be a little bit of wine being consumed, and I hope a whole lot of laughter!

I won't be far from the computer and the phone as I have things to organize and line up for next Friday. Wednesday you will find me in the kitchen for the day and loading the truck and packing up shop. Well, it has been a while so I thought I would drop a quick note to say next week is crazy. I will still be around, but may take a bit to answer and respond. Don't fret I will. 

See you soon sunshine coast! Oh... another reason to be excited is that I have never been there before.