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Stories From Under the Bridge

The Headless Chicken...

Yup that is me! You know that chicken that is running around with no head in all different directions? The only difference is that I am having fun, selling fabric and doing what I love is so amazing. The people I meet, the conversions, the emails, the quilts and of course the fabric. Hang on while I wipe up my drool. 

So in the last week I have received 176 bolts of fabric and more is on its way. I am estimating by summers end, we will have added approximately 350-400 new bolts to the shop. YIKES, that is a lot of fabric to store in one's living room. Have I mentioned how awesome my family is for putting up with this?

Well I need to get back to work, I just had some encouragement today to blog and I do love it. It really does come down to finding the time. Maybe next time quicker than a full calendar year?