Stories From Under the Bridge

Where to start

Sitting at my desk always has me thinking of so many things, but it always comes down to where to start. Some days it is... should I be weeding, cleaning the house, going for a walk, lets face it.... work always wins. Now don't get me wrong,  I am not complaining, Brad might be, but not me. I love being creative, even though time is very precious these days and I quilting for me is non exsistant. The projects are back logging and piling up, but soon my pretties I will get to you. 

This up coming weekend is my last quilt show for the summer. I have a few other appearances on the island that I am traveling to, but I expect them to be super chill and laid back. I was told if I could get through this year, I could get through any year. Shows were in abundance as it seemed like every other week I was gone from home and over on the mainland. Some guilds plan their show every year, every other year and this year there with the ones that fell every third year. I survived, tired, but survived. 

Along the way with all of the shows, I have met some pretty amazing people, both in customers and fellow vendors. All of the guilds that have hosted have been amazing and I thank them for their support. My fall schedule is starting to book up and it excites me that people actually want me to hang out with them!

I am busy working on a bunch of new thing and collaborations with some fellow Canadian quilters and business. It is too early to release any information yet, but good things are on the horizon. 

I hope you have been enjoying the new Instagram shots of product and fabric photos. A friend suggested some outdoor shots, and I am finding its a great way to get me out of the house, even if it is just for a moment or two. The husband came along to help, which actually suprised me, I didn't think that he would be game. When I mentioned that we should do it every Saturday, he chuckled. He knows me all too well that I am not a morning person. Just put it this way he near fell off the chair when I was vaccuuming, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and finally filing all the files that have been on our bedroom floor, this past weekend at 6:30 - 7 o'clock. Miracles can happen, but slow and steady wins the race. Does that apply to these items?

My other work? Well school is coming to a winddown and this week is going to be painful. Let's be honest, writing report cards is not my forte. It must be done, I am really glad that I only have 13 students to do. I can't imagine having any more than that. 

Well speaking of work, I am off to get changed, round up my items that need to go with me and head out the door. This has been a great release for me today and I should really make more time to write on a weekly basis.