Velda Roy - Freckled Fox Quiltery

My story is a very simple one.  I’m Velda. I live on the north shore of beautiful PEI Canada near the national park in Stanhope. (“Stanup” as pronounced by us locals). I share my little piece of paradise with hubby Ron and our two poodle kids, Tigg Dog and Theo the Wonder Puppy.   We arrived here from Sherwood Park, Alberta in July, 2014 leaving behind our friends, our grown-up family and their nearly-grown families, with a goal to reconnect with our roots on the other side of this awesome country.  And….everyday we take a minute to thank our lucky stars that we are here and living our best life.

I blog regularly/sometimes randomly at  Mostly I like to chat about Quilty things that are going on in my world, or things that inspire me.  I am thrilled to share my piece of the planet with everyone, but always want folks to know that I am a woman with strongly held opinions….which might not always be the same as yours. 

I am a member of the PEI Modern Quilt Guild (PEIMQG) and am constantly awestruck with the gifts that many of our members have and willingly share with the rest of us.  Since joining this group, I’ve been inspired to stretch my wings and try many new things.  First among them is pattern writing.  In early 2018 a quilt block I designed was chosen as the basis for our annual raffle quilt.  While we were building the quilt, a guild member suggested that I submit it for publication in Make Modern Magazine.  I did and to my absolute surprise and delight, it was accepted and that led to my first pattern being published in Make Modern Magazine.  Here are a couple pictures of “Tilt-a-Whirl” as it appeared in the magazine.  The photos were taken in my friend Betty Lou’s backyard.

Here is another quilt that I designed that found its way into the pages of Make Modern Magazine last year.  This one is called Tic-Tac Tango, because the block reminds me of those delicious little mints. 

This quilt is called Which Way is UP? and it appeared in Make Modern Issue 26.  This photo is courtesy of an ingenious hanging system designed by own sweet hubby. (Its a clothesline folks!).  FYI the photo was taken at the Confederation Trail Head in Hunter River PEI.

FYI, I am working with Make Modern Magazine to share a couple more quilt patterns with their readers this year.  I'm really really excited to see what folks think about them.  

Did I mention that I've been stretching my wings a lot recently?  Well here is a really really good example.  In Spring, 2019, Our Guild hosted a modern quilt show at the Eptek Centre on PEI.  This was one of my entries.  I call it Sisterhood and yes, its me and my sisters.    Can you guess which one is me?....Sigh....I'm the one with white hair.  The others are Gwenneth, Rebecca and Donna.  We are a bevy of beauties if I do say so myself.



I wanted the quilt to be Improv-ish and think it turned out great.  I hope you agree.

So what’s next with me?  I’m thrilled to be  collaborating with a group of MQG friends all over the world to make a charity quilt for submission to QuiltCon 2020. Afterwards we will be gifting it to a Women’s charity somewhere in the world... And I’ve got a lot of quilt ideas percolating in my head that will be birthed over the next year or so.  I’d love to find a quilt shop/magazine to work exclusively with to share these ideas with.   

I thought I'd end my Bio with the words I live by... "Find your voice and follow it wherever it take you". I think all women need to be braver about speaking their truth in the world.  

And finally, I think the planet would be a very boring place if we were all exactly the same, don’t you?   Enjoy your journey and your day!


The trolls are hard at work listing all the bolts of fabric to this collection, please pop by again and they should be here for your viewing pleasure!