Cotton 28wt. Aurifil Thread

Cross Stitch
For best results use in 2 strands. Cotton 28 gives a delightful effect on 16 & 14 count fabrics.

Hand Appliqué
28 weight gives a great result for blanket stitch appliqué. Use it for hand blanket-stitching when you want a more delicate look.

Hand piecing
Leading artists love 28wt for hand piecing.

Hand quilting
Cotton 28 gives a great result because it stands out.

Use 28wt cotton for Bobbin & Machine Lace


Machine Appliqué
Cotton 28 is great for Blanket stitch, Buttonhole stitches and appliqué that uses thread to really make a statement. It gives a beautiful, strong edge to the appliqué shape. Use Mako 50 wt in the same color in the bobbin; Use a Top-Stitch 90/14 needle.

Machine Embroidery
Beautiful for machine embroidery when you really want the thread to stand out and make a statement. Use Mako 50 wt in the bobbin (may need to loosen the top tension a little) or your regular bobbin thread. Use a Microtex or Top-Stitch 90/14 needle.

Machine Quilting
Good for machine quilting when you desire the thread to add an extra visual impact to the patchwork top. Use a slightly longer stitch length. Use Mako 50wt in the bobbin, loosening the top tension to adjust for the difference in weight. If necessary, tighten the bottom tension by threading the bobbin as if for embroidery (if applicable on your machine). Use a Top-Stitch 90/14 needle.

Lower Looper

Longarm Quilting
Creates deep shadowing for great texture. Large needle (4.0), quilt slower than normal using gentle curves and pair with 40wt bobbin thread. Good for machine quilting when an extra visual impact to the patchwork top is desired.