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Stitched Quilting Co.

So happy to be celebrating Canadian quilters. I love to honour the great quilting tradition and am continually building the quilting community. One of the greatest parts of quilting for me is the free motion quilting. I often describe what I do is to doodle on quilts with thread.


I have been honoured to quilt for so many incredibly talented quilters locally and afar.


I also have the opportunity to teach free motion quilting on domestic and long arm quilting machines here in Canada and Internationally.  I worked as an elementary school teacher for almost a decade and the love for teaching has expanded to quilters.


I actually became a long arm quilter for hire by accident! How is that possible? I taught 2 classes at my local quilt shop and when the students finished piecing their tops, they asked me to quilt their tops. I literally quilted their tops on my domestic machine at my kitchen table. Eventually I grew tired of spray baste and got a long arm and haven’t looked back.


You can expect a free motion quilting book to come out in April 2020.


Another way that I contribute my talents in the quilting world is through my business and life coaching. I help fellow long arm quilters build their business through a course and then weekly coaching calls. There are so many amazing ways to live creatively.


I love to serve. If you have quilt tops that need quilting send them my way.


If you need a skilled free motion quilter instructor, I am available for retreats and workshops.


If you want help with a creative business or want to up level your life with life coaching, I am here to support you.


One of my greatest pieces advice for your is to take courage and act. Your future self will thank-you for sticking to learning and growing. I could not do this level of free motion quilting 5 years ago. 


If you mention that you found me through Stacie's blog I will offer free batting on any of the quilts you send to me. I would love to get to know you, hop over to my Instagram or Facebook and introduce yourself- that would be awesome.

The trolls are hard at work listing all the bolts of fabric to this collection, please pop by again and they should be here for your viewing pleasure!