Daily Deal*

We are changing the way we are doing our Daily Deal!

Posting a Daily Deal can be a bit challenging some days. We decided that our daily deal is going to run from Monday to Friday, and taking weekends off.

Here's the catch... if the Daily Deal does't sell on Monday, we will leave it up until Friday. Every Monday we will start off fresh and new items will be up for grabs. So if you don't follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you definitely will want to so you don't miss out.

If you would like to order an item but want to wait to have it shipped. Add a message to your order and we will gladly hold it for you. (You must make a note on your order, as I usually start packing orders right away.) On your next order just simply use the code 'ADDTOPURCHASE' to omit your shipping on the next purchase. 

If you have not paid the proper shipping, no problem. We will send you and invoice and once it has been settled your order will be posted. 

If  you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


*Discount codes are not valid of Daily Deal