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John Renaud
John was born in Windsor, Ontario and has been a crafter and maker for as long as he can remember. The maker influence was strong in his family and he would create at every opportunity, his mother being very crafty herself and father being a woodworker. While so many mediums inspired his creativity, it was his love of theatre that eventually led to his peaked interest in sewing and textiles. 
John received his BA with Honours from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was here that he developed his eye for design and developed his quirky aesthetic. His wearable art has been featured in art shows and local museums. 
John discovered his passion for everything quilts almost by accident, while searching for a sewing project to occupy his down time. This quickly became his career focus, and started Art East Quilting Co. under which he publishes modern quilt patterns and offers custom quilts, fabric goods and art pieces. He loves using quilting in various art forms, and has become known for his textile animal portraits. 
John now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his partner, Matthew, and their wiener dog, Dandy. John is making and designing at every opportunity, and enjoys teaching local workshops and inspiring others to quilt!
You may check him out on Instagram, Facebook, or through his online shop