Modern Blended Quilts - Susan Madu

About Susan Madu...

Susan Madu is a CPA by day and a passionate creator and quilter by night. Susan has been quilting for over 25 years and garment sewing since she could reach up to a sewing machine. Susan is never without a sketchbook or some project in her hands. Her quilting has evolved from making quilts from commercial patterns to designing her own patterns under the Modern Blended Quilts banner. Susan's patterns appeal to both traditional and modern quilters alike. A central theme of Susan's patterns is blending together elements of traditional and modern quilting.

Susan teaches regularly and has been described as a knowledgeable teacher that takes great joy in sharing techniques and tips to help class participants be successful in their quilting projects. Susan shares her insights with humor from the perspective of having learned the hard way what not to do – “ask me how I know”! Susan has designed over 20 patterns and one of her innovative techniques in her pattern “Bright Squares” has been included in Studio 180 Design Ltd.’s Designer Gallery. Building our quilting community and supporting local quilt shops are important to Susan. Given this, her patterns can only be found in your local quilt shop. Susan’s patterns are available to local quilt shops by her Canadian Distributor - Erie Quilt Art. Calgary, AB Canada