Seedlings Quilt Kit - EPP Kit and Acrylics

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Seedlings Quilt is a beautiful sampler design inspired by a kitchen garden of medicinal herbs. Made from English Paper Pieced and Applique blocks, which are then machine sewn together in a log cabin format. 

The Pattern is in The Seedling Quilts book which can be found here

The quilt finishes at 69" x 81".

The kit includes all the paper pieces you will need to make the quilt.

The optional acrylic template kit includes the acrylic templates to make all the blocks in the Seedlings Quilt. Edge, half, and joining pieces have not been included in order to keep the cost and weight down.  You can choose to purchase them separately.

The Acrylic Template set includes 16 templates:

  • 1" Half Decagon

  • 1" Pentagon

  • 3/4" Octagon

  • 2" 8pt Diamond with etch line for 2" petal

  • 2" Square with etch line for 2" Half Square Triangle

  • 3" Equilateral Triangles with etch lines for 1 1/2" and 2" triangle.

  • 1" 6 pt Diamond

  • 1" Hexagon

  • 2" Hexagon

  • 1" Honeycomb

  • 1" Octagon

  • 2" Crown

  • 2" 6pt Diamond

  • 1 1/2" Half Hexagon

  • 2" 5 pt Diamond

  • 2" 10 pt Diamond

Panel kits (papers only - no acrylic templates) can be purchased separately.

Seedlings Quilt fabric requirements:

Backing: 5 yds, Batting: 78" x 89", Binding: 2/3 yd

** Please note that the templates in the book for the Myrtle panel edge pieces are not the correct size. You can find an image of the correct pieces at the bottom of this blog post, or you can email us at for a corrected PDF to be emailed to you. **

 All of our acrylic templates come with a protective polyethylene sticker to avoid scratching and breakages during production and transit. Simply peel off before use. Wipe with a wet cloth if any sticker remains.

Tales of Cloth aims to be an earth-friendly business! We don't use any plastic packaging. Our cellophane bags are 100% plant based and biodegradable, and our paper and paper envelopes are manufactured in Australia from only post-consumer recycled product.


Photo Credit: Tales of Cloth