The fine print.
SAVE TO SHIP  is our newest option to help you place smaller orders as your budget allows you to, but still offer free shipping. Our threshold is a little higher, due to the extra work our crew will have to process. SAVE TO SHIP  activates once you have placed multiple orders cumulating to $300 before taxes. This program is for the quilter who is not in a panic for their items to ship. If you are needing your items immediately, please select the proper shipping rate for your region. 
How does SAVE TO SHIP  work?
  • Set up an account in our system.
  • Login and place your order.
  • Select SAVE TO SHIP  as your shipping option
  • Pay for your order through the checkout process. 
  • Repeat this process until you reach a total value of $300 before taxes to qualify for cumulative shipping. (PST/GST/HST not included in total)
  • Sit back and wait for your order to ship once you have reached the required threshold. 

What will we be doing on our end of your order?

  • Once your order comes in with the SAVE TO SHIP  shipping notification, we will cut your order immediately. 
  • Place it in a box, on our SAVE TO SHIP  shelf, with your name, order number and pre-tax sub-total. 
  • We will repeat this for each order you place until you reach the $300 SAVE TO SHIP  threshold. 
  • Upon reaching $300 we will send you an email to notify you that your orders will be shipping and at this time you can have us hold your order for a later shipping date, let us know if we can go ahead with shipping your items to you, or maybe you realized you need just one more thing and you need to add a last-minute item. 
  • Once you have responded to our email, we will proceed with your request. 

It's as simple as that, or we hope! We know there will be kinks to work out along the way as this is a new program to help everyone out, especially with the rising cost of supplies and shipping.

All questions regarding our SAVE TO SHIP  program should be sent to


Q: What happens if I realize I need my items to ship sooner than I expected and have not reached the $300 SAVE TO SHIP threshold?
A: If you need an order shipped after selecting the SAVE TO SHIP option at the checkout, we will send you an invoice for each order you placed that needs to be shipped. Due to placing multiple orders on separate dates, you would have been required to pay the shipping on each order. We can not combine orders together once the SAVE TO SHIP option has been selected. 

Q: Why is the threshold higher than your instant free shipping of $250?
A: Due to the extra work that is required by our crew we felt it was necessary to have a higher threshold. 
Q: What happens if I order a pre-order item on my order?
A: If you have a pre-order item on your SAVE TO SHIP order all items will ship together in one parcel. We suggest that you place pre-order items on a separate order if your other items are needed earlier. 
We appreciate your patience while we launch our new program SAVE TO SHIP!
Stacie & Crew