Paper + Pen Patterns

Hi! My name is Lindsey and I love to sew! More specifically - sew quilts and then make patterns for them! I have been sewing since 2003, but I didn't really get obsessive, I mean, serious (?) about sewing until 2011 when I started working at a local quilt shop. And, let's be honest, when all three of my kids were in school full time too. Big high five to the moms with little ones who still sew. You're my heroes and I bow down to you. I've always been creative, but have a pretty short attention span when it comes to my creative pursuits. Which is why it's a tiny miracle I've stuck with sewing as long as I have. I never get bored of it! One day you're making a quilt, the next a dress, and then a bag...the possibilities are pretty much endless!

You can find me and all my shenanigans on Instagram!