Fons & Porter Pressing Sheet

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Fons & Porter Pressing Sheet Item Description 

1. Non Stick and heat resistant. Use with a dry iron. Set heat according to fusible product's instructions. Sheet can be used to protect pressing or work surface, or over a project to prevent any fusible from getting on the iron. Heat will penetrate pressing sheet. Use only on an ironing board or protected work surface. Do not use on a cutting mat or any other heat sensitive surfaces.


2. Perfect to do Free-motion Sewing & Quilting projects. Just tape this 11" x 17" Non-Stick Ironing and Craft Sheet on the machine's surface, cut a small hole for the machine needles to move up and down, change the regular foot to darning foot, then low down the feed dog and start doing your Free-motion sewing or quilting projects. You will feel some fairies holding the fabric for you and you can move the fabric around easily.