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When Alison Glass first started designing fabric, her inspiration for the art focused on reinterpreting tiny details from the world into repeat designs and bold colour. The themes were sort of happened upon. Woven throught the fabric, the designs have become incleasingly personal - a combination of imagination, memories and themes. The print and colour names allude to these stores, but the deeper meaning is often hidden and too personal to share. Of all the fabric lines that Alison have created, Road Trip has the most hidden and personal meaning. 

Alison likes the concept of life as a journey. It's the impact of decisions and thoughts. Every day we choose things. The things we may or may not choose are riddled with potential outcomes, but only one set of things becomes reality. Some decisions are important and many are not, but knowing the difference between the two, and making the important ones well, can have significant positive effects goin gforward. Road Trip is about intentionality and relationships. People are more important than things. We have an opportunity to be positibe forces in the lives of others and to let others be good forces for us.

Here is a glimpse into the inspiration behind the collection:

Flip, my representation of the eagle of the back of the quarter, is about flipping a coin because sometimes making a choice and moving forward with commitment is what is needed. The symbols on the crests represent words that her husband, Chris, and herself came up with when their kids were little. They are words they wanted to strive to live by: grow, serve, simplifiy, and celebrate. Grow is working to become the best possible version of our selves. Serve is knowing the deep value of others, putting people and relationships above all else. Simplify is living with intention and avoiding distraction. Celebrate is about taking the time to acknowledge the important parts of life. These motifs are repeated throughout Road Trip. 

Treehouse represents gathering theonew we love to spend time together in the quiet of intenional connection. Overlook is about those moments where you can look back and see them as crucially important, whether good or bad. Apples is not about strawberries, but straberries are cute - and really, who doesn't like a good strawberry print?

With some of her hidden inspirations revealed, she believes Road Trip is her best and most usable regular print line yet. With three distinct colourway that flow into one cohesive group, the colours are fresh and the details are packe with interest. As you create with these fabrics, She hopes you will impart your own meaning in your work.

100% Cotton

45"/115cm Wide

All Fabrics are sold by 1/4 metres and will be in one continuous piece.

1 metre = 4

2 metres = 8

3 metres = 12