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FreeSpirit - Anna Maria Horner - Passion Flower - Broadcast - Marine

Anna Maria Horner

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 Anna Maria Horner - Passionflower

By Free Spirit Fabrics

Among 500 varieties of Passion Flower, there is a type that grows wild in Tennessee. Living here, Anna Maria Has become very accustom to the rapicly growing vines her garden wherther invited or not. Last spring upon returning from a long trip, she found they had taken over her flower beds, and had no choice but to enhoy their strange blooms. Anna Marias Passion flower collection was created with the idea that the most beautiful things happen without planning. The diversity of print styles inspires unusual combinations and palettes. "Imposter" is a celebration of unexpected beauty disrupting the norm, while "Passiflora" is a moddy study of these creature. "Migration" features the Heliconius because their appreciation for the blooms has them known as the passionvine butterfly. Add to that some healthy scale variety from patchwork stripes, bold geometrics and lacey tonals, Passionflower is destined for favourite quilts, bold garments and go-to prints that work with all of Anna Maria's creations.

100% Cotton

45"/115cm Wide

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