Celestial Star - Full Pack

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Finished Size approx. 60" Square.

From a very young age I was drawn to the brightest star in the sky at night. I would lay in the middle of our backyard looking up, taking in all the beauty and wonderment above.

‘Celestial Star’ is a Modern English Paper Pieced Quilt that was first published in Sharon's first book and is now a stand alone pattern.

The Celestial Star pattern has been refreshed (September 2021) and now comes presented in a full colour A5 Booklet with a colouring page you can copy and plan your colour layout.

Kit - Pattern, Templates and all the papers required to complete the project.

The precision cut papers in our Lilabelle Lane EPP Kits are cut from a white card that has a great surface for glue basting and the papers are reusable multiple times. Sharon reuses her papers, usually until she accidentally tears them or one of her pug puppies runs off with it!

Photo Credit: Lilabelle Lane