Cheese & Donuts Fat Quarter Bundle


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Cheese & Donuts Fat Quarter Bundle
Cheese & Donuts Fat Quarter Bundle
Cheese & Donuts Fat Quarter Bundle
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In this curated fat quarter bundle titled "Cheese & Donuts", I am surely to make you giggle a bit. Donuts? Really you say donuts? So the story behind cheese and donuts is actually the Troll Brothers. Colby which is a cheese, and Duncan Donuts are the names of our two boys. Cheese is orange but the donuts still doesn't quite make sense. To me it does, as Duncan loves the colour orange and always has. Everything for him as a kid growing up was either orange or green. Colby was the blue kid and still is at 23. That is the story behind the title of this bundle.  I have pulled 6 bolts that remind me of these two things, or I should say our two trolls. 

Included in this Fat Quarter Bundle are:

Alison Glass - Sunprint - Compass - Marmalade

Kona - Kumquat

Me + You - Indah Batiks - Tangerine Hand Dyed

Riley Blake - Confetti Solids - Cheddar

Kona - Papaya

Carolyn Friedlander - Architextures - Sorbet Crosshatch

You will recieve 4 pieces of fabric in this bundle each piece measuring 20" x 22" in size. If you would like a half metre bundle please order 2 quantities and they will be cut as one continuious piece. If you would like a full metre, please order 4 quantities and we will do the same. 

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