Fiskars Hexagon Squeeze Punch - Large 1.5" Hexagons

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Fiskars Hexagon Squeeze Punch - Large

Create distinctive style with a punch that’s easy to squeeze!

Add distinctive style to craft projects of all kinds with a Squeeze Punch that makes every embellishment up to 2X easier to punch than other shape punches on the market. A specially engineered squeeze motion with ergonomic handles has made our punches the only punches to be awarded the Arthritis Foundation®. An open punch head lets the user see where they are punching for a perfect punch every time with no more wasted
paper. Our Squeeze Punches even nest for convenient storage.

· Easy-to-squeeze design makes it ideal for extended use

· Ergonomic handles provide comfort and control for mistake-free results

· Extra Large punch design 1.5"

· For use with 65-lb. cardstock or lower

· Lifetime warranty