New and Improved! Hexie Shape Family

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Design your own English Paper Pieced quilt! I put together this little sample pack because I love to design quilts with my hands, rather than on the computer; to sit at the dining room table and arrange shapes in different ways and just see what happens! Usually the whole family ends up joining the fun!

This family of shapes all work with the hexagon and the possibilities for unique and interesting tiling patterns are endless.

The Hexie Shape Family sample pack now includes 18 of each of the following shapes:

  • 1" Hexagons

  • 1'“ 6 point diamonds

  • 1” Half hexagons

  • 2" Hexagons

  • 2" 6 Point Diamonds

  •  1" Jewels

  •  2" Half Hexagons

  • 2" Equilateral Triangles

  • 2" Squares

  • 1" Kites

  • 2" Crowns


All our paper pieces are laser cut from high-quality 100% post-consumer, recycled paper, and packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging. All shapes are cut in our home workshop in Castlemaine, Australia.


Photo Credit: Tales of Cloth