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Tula Pink - Pinkerville - Fairy Dust - Daydream

Tula Pink

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Pinkerville is the space between between Tula Pinks two ears. Its the world Tula Pink lives in order to escape the boring reality of her actual life, and she invites you to join her in this wonderful land. She is inviting you into her mind and her imagination and every print in the line has a quality for entrance. 

The main print, which is a magical unicorn, is called Imaginarium, which you need a willingness to believe, which is super important to her to be able to enter into Pinkerville. You enter Pinkerville on the back of a beautiful swan, through the gates. The waters in Pinkerville are marbled and all of the magical animals drink from it. Fairy Dust is the background in Tula's life, and she uses it forever.  From magical Owl Butterfly hybrids, it will enlighten you, but yet watch over you to make sure you don't fall into deep. They pull you back out into reality, before its too late. So join Tula Pink on this journey, though her imagination, of Pinkerville.

Tula Pink's Pinkerville is now available for pre-sale. 

100% Cotton

44/45" (112/115 cm) Wide

All Fabrics are sold by 1/4 metres and will be in one continuous piece.

1 metre = 4

2 metres = 8

3 metres = 12



This collection is scheduled to arrive in the shop in April 2019