Century Prints Deco Half Metre Bundle - Giucy Giuce

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Deco features designs from Giuseppe Ribaudo printed in white pigment on a spectrum of beautiful Andover Century Solids. Andover Century Solids are a line of premium 100% cotton solid fabrics with the same shrinkage rate as other Andover fabric, a beautiful drape and feel, and incredible saturation. The line is a stand out in the industry and offers a wonderful new option for solid fabrics. The one hundred colors in the full collection celebrate Andover’s first century as a family business!

This half metre bundle of Giucy Giuce Deco has 20 pieces. Pictured here are the colours that are included in the bundle.

All half metres measure 20” x 45” each, for a total of 5 metres of fabric.

100% Cotton

Photo Credit: Giucy Giuce