FreeSpirit - Anna Maria Horner - Sweet Dreams - Garden Prism - Candy

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 Anna Maria Horner - Sweet Dreams - Garden Prism

By Free Spirit Fabrics

Sweet Dreams is a collection based on the beautiful sights, sounds, and inspirations discovered during my travels across Australia. A slow walk through a botanical garden in Perth, runs along Brighton Beach, several evening strolls along the river in Melbourne, awakening to amazing bird calls in Bowral, a century of time in an Aboriginal art gallery, wading through the Indian Ocean, and thinking of my family sleeping on the other side of the world, while awake in this new one…all unforgettable images and feelings that I am so happy have permanent residence in these fabrics. The art for this collection is full of native flora & fauna and design elements colored with evocative and raw palettes that nod to the culturally exotic and diverse influences of Australia. In my weeks there, I treasured opportunities to absorb the energy, joy, and beauty of many creative quilters and understand better how their gorgeous surroundings influence their work. My interactions with them in creating patchwork and handwork contributed so much to how I envision using these fabrics for patchwork, fussing cutting, borders, applique, needlework and stunning feature uses in garments and accessories. I hope this collection is an appropriate thanks to everyone who contributed to such a beautiful experience.

 45"/115cm Wide

100% Cotton

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