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The Dandy-Doo Totally Reversible , Totally Adjustable Jackt Pattern - Small Dogs


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This dog jacket pattern may be used to produce a quilted jacket for your best fur friend that is totally customized to their size! It is also completely reversible, so you get twice the look in 1 garment. The jacket is easy to put on, and has been tested on over a dozen dogs...and counting!

This pattern comes in 2 sizes (see image and details below on measuring our dog):

SMALL - for dogs with a girth measurement of 18" and below

MEDIUM/LARGE - for dogs with a girth measurement (see below) of 20" or more

This booklet includes:
-fully illustrated 8-page step by step instruction booklet
-list of materials needed 
-pattern insert (13" x 19" for small size & 18" x 28" - medium large size) that is fully customizable to get the best fit for your best friend
-detailed instructions on how to get accurate measurements of your dog
-step by step instructions on how to alter the pattern to customize your jacket
-quilting instructions
-binding instructions
-instructions for creating your own continuous bias binding

* * *

Just 3 measurements are needed to customize this project, the length (A), the girth (B) and the neck (C) . Check out the image to determine how to measure your dog for best results.

Length (A) - This measurement should be taken from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. This will represent 
the length of the jacket. 

Girth (B) - This measurement should be taken around your dog’s body near the centre of your dog’s back. Imagine this
being where the belt of the jacket would lay and close. This is usually the more narrow part of the torso, but may vary 
depending on your dog or their breed. 

Neck (C) - This measurement should be taken around the thickest part of the neck. In the image, you will notice this measurement
is taken sloping down towards the floor in front. You may want to exaggerate this slightly, when taking this measurement, as this will be where the front jacket closure will sit.

* * *

Is your dog of a girth smaller than 20"? No problem, check out my listing for this pattern in the small size. 

* * *

The pattern insert may be printed in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) as a poster for best results (8 pages). There is a 1" square for scale to make sure your print is perfect and ready for customization.

* * *

Included below is my INTRODUCTION from the pattern...enjoy this snip-it, and don't forget to share your finished project #DandyDooJacket

* * *

What can be better than quilting? Quilting for man’s best friend!…obviously. Ok, maybe it’s not obvious, but how cute does Dandy look in his jacket?! And he loves wearing it! And it’s reversible, so he can dress sassy or smart, depending on his mood. Ok, MY mood. Either way, he always looks good, and stays warm!

So here’s the thing, I made Dandy his first jacket out of necessity when he was 8 weeks old, and weighed just 1.8 kg (that’s 4 lbs, my American friends)! Yes, he was once THAT small. He wore that jacket for about a month, then I made him another. He grew out of that one in 2 weeks, so I made a third. Then I realized…I kind of liked making these! If I like making these for my dog, with whom I am obsessed, I bet YOU would like making these for the dogs in your life, with whom YOU’RE obsessed. 

BUT….dog’s are all SO SO different. How do you make a pattern that will fit all dogs? You don’t. So I broke it down. There’s small dogs and there’s not-so-small dogs. Ok, let’s start there. Dogs still differ so greatly between those 2 categories. And then it came to me: the patterns must be ADJUSTABLE. 

So here we are: The Dandy-Doo Totally Reversible, Totally Adjustable Jacket Pattern. So you sew? Maybe you make garments, but maybe have not quilted? Well, this project will get you quilting. Maybe you haven’t drafted or altered a pattern before? Let’s change that! Maybe you are a quilter, but don’t make garments? Let’s make a garment! Even if it’s for a pooch…it still counts, right?