Zuma Layer Cake - 10" Square

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Zuma Layer Cake - 10" Square
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Tula Pink is returning to the Ocean with her line Zuma. It is the mystery more than anything that drives our fascination with the ocean. The deepest oceans are like alien planets with sealife evolving unseen by human eyes. So why can't a a sea horse become a unicorm? I certain can't think of a reason. If it could happen thenit could happen here. In vivid technicolour with a bio luminescent glow in the form of tiny neon accents, you will find Spotted Eagle Sting Rays amonst the sea weed, Mini Blue Whales fraternizing with giant Sea Unicorns and a bloom of Jelly fish gently drifiting with the curent.

There is a lot going on down here so take a deep breath and join Tula on the ocean floor where the water is cool and quiet and the aquatic wonders never cease.*

Tula Pink Zuma Fat Quarter Bundle by Free Spirit has 40 pieces measuring 10" x 10".

This item is direct from the manufacturer.

100% Cotton

*This Collection will ship with in 24 - 48 hours of being delivered to the shop and is expected to arrive in Late September

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