Trailhead Yarns

Trailhead yarns are the Acorn bobbins that will add a fabulous pop of colour to your projects while providing a quality.

Inspired by nature, on the Cabot Trail, Samantha took her interpretation of nature's beauty and put in onto yarn. Trailhead Yarns was created in the spring of 2013 with the introduction of hand dyed Canadian wool. In 2016 Samantha developed a life changing wool allergy which then had her looking for alternative options. 

Today Trailhead Yarns offer beautiful, hand-dyed yarns for those who have allergies, live in warmer climates, while providing a vegan product that can be easily washed and worn everyday.  These sustainably sourced plant-based yarns include cotton, linen and Tencel. Yarns are professionally dyed and pride themselves in being able to replicate, while being consistent, in all colourways. 

Truly unique materials that promote vegan, and minimalism. Trailhead Yarns prides themselves on using materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, while focusing on reducing energy and water. Their environmental stance is important, and they are aways looking for solutions to improve their processing.