A little about me...

Located in a tiny little community of Cobble Hill, BC on Vancouver Island you will find my shop. My name is Stacie and I am the owner of Troll Brothers Quilt Designs. I have so many people ask me 'Where did you get your name from?' Here is the story... I am a mother of two wonderful boys, Colby who is now 22 and Duncan who is 17. For their whole life I have referred to them as Troll #1 and Troll #2 because well you know how boys can be when they are together... trolls! As for the the rest of the name brothers is because they are brothers, quilt is because I like to quilt (and do anything fabric/sewing related) designs well it just is there to make it sound pretty. If you follow me on Instagram you may know me as @trollbrothersquiltmama, and I am the troll brothers quilt mama! So there you have the story behind the name.

I recently started my business in about May of 2017, doing farmers markets, making wallets and other random things. Sewing has always been a part of my life, and I have always wanted a fabric store so I  added that in January of this year. I am very new and have learned a lot about ecommerce and web stores in the last few months. Everyday I seem to learn something new. My newest challenge over the last week has been switching my provider for my domain.

One of my reason for opening my shop is to make quilting affordable again. Over the years we have seen prices creep up slowly and it is getting harder and harder to have a hobby that  you can enjoy that doesn't break the bank. I know there are so many quilters that make and donated quilts to great organizations out there and I want you to be able to be keep doing this. If people cant afford to quilt, they won't donate and that would be very unfortunate for the recipients of these wonderful treasures. With my prices, I am okay if I have to sell a little more, work a little harder to make a profit and a living for myself. It is the way I can give back to you the quilters who are making the quilts to donate. If you haven't donated a quilt, please try, it is such a wonderful feeling when you do! #makingquiltingaffordable #makingquiltingfun

Now for the other reason I opened my shop. Do you want to know how hard it is to find all the really cool fabric on Vancouver Island? We have some really amazing shops located here, but they don't always focus on Modern Quilting. So my focus is to find those hard to find or the items the shops have just decided not to carry that we want. I have been involved with MQG Victoria since the inception of the guild in September of 2013. First taking on the treasurer roll for 4 years and now the current president. My term is almost up and I am very excited to be in the audience and focus solely on Troll Brothers Quilt Designs for awhile. You won't see me disappear but maybe just step back for a while.

That is a little about my shop, its name, and me. I hope you enjoy my shop and what it has to offer!

Happy Stitching,