Everglow Fairy Flakes Mystic - Purple 7/8" - Tula Pink Webbing - PER QUARTER METRE

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  • Fairy Flakes Fairy Flakes Mystic/Purple 7/8"

    Introducing the Everglow Fairy Flakes Reversible Ribbons by Tula Pink!
    This exquisite ribbon collection embodies the perfect balance of vibrant energy and serene elegance.

    On one side, experience the captivating allure of bright, radical neon colors that demand attention and infuse your projects with an electrifying burst of excitement. On the other side, indulge in the soft caress of gentle neutral hues, offering a tranquil backdrop that exudes sophistication and calmness. The reversible design of these ribbons allows you to effortlessly transition between bold intensity and soothing subtlety, offering endless creative possibilities.

    Crafted with Tula Pink's signature artistry, the Everglow Fairy Flakes Reversible Ribbons add depth and dimension to any creation, creating stunning contrasts that are simply mesmerizing.

    100% polyester, washable on a gentle cycle.

Photo Credit: Renaissance Ribbons