Patterntrace - 10m Swedish Tracing Paper

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Make garments that fit!

Patterntrace is a soft and translucent Swedish tracing paper that is ideal for dressmakers, durable but easy to see through, and excellent for copying the detail from existing patterns. A generous 1m wide roll contains 10m of paper.  

Made with sustainable abaca fibres this paper is much more durable and tear-resistant than regular paper. Plus its eco-friendly properties mean you can compost your leftovers. Read our blog post about the benefits of using Patterntrace.


♦  Improve the fit of your handmade garments by using Patterntrace to modify your sewing pattern. Trace, adjust, and try on. 

♦  Trace your expensive paper sewing patterns into multiple sizes. Make clothes for a friend or a growing child.

Photo Credit: Pattern Trace