Red Snappers Quilt Loading System

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Longarm Table Length 8 ft table

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Experienced Longarm quilters know that using Red Snappers to attach the quilt top and backing to the frame quickly, accurately and easily makes longarm quilting a joy. Often loading the quilt on the frame is daunting if the quilter has to pin all the edges. Red Snappers eliminate the need to pin. You can quickly press the clamp over the rod, clamping on the edge of the quilt to hold it tight and secure. 
Watch this video to see how easy the process is.

Red Snappers come with enough rods and clamps to attach to three poles.
The sets are :
8' frame = 95" of clamps
10' frame = 114" of clamps
12' frame = 133" of clamps
14' frame = 152" of clamps

These lengths will take into account the size of your leader and handlebars that limit you from quilting the entire length of the quilt frame. Choose the correct TABLE size, not the length of clamps.

Photo Credit: Quilts on the Corner