Silly Moon Sticky Tape

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10 pcs 1" x 4.5" strips of our "sticky tape".  

* Use this tape to add extra grip on your rulers.  Especially helpful when using rulers on a domestic machine!

* This is the same tape included with all our rulers!  We have had lots of requests for this tape to be sold separately, so here it is!

* Cut strips into whatever size you desire. (DO NOT use your sewing scissors).  Peel off the back and adhere to the ruler where you like.  The tape can be removed without leaving any sticky residue! 

* If you are using a "slip mat" please make sure the tape does not come into contact with the mat.

* When storing your rulers, if you are not storing them in the supplied bag, place a piece of masking tape over the "sticky tape" to ensure it does not scratch other rulers stored with the ruler

* Do not use on delicate fabric