'Total Babe' Labels Labels - 10 labels per pack.

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Our core label is a 'Total Babe'! This versatile label design can be used for the apple of your eye, the teeny little babe, or any cutie in your life!

Included in one box:

10 packs of labels. 

Included in one pack:

10 woven labels in cream with black text. 


25mm x 22.5mm 

Label type:

Centre fold

How to attach:

Centre fold labels are ideally sewn into the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by inserting into a seam allowance or facing. 

Watch our How To: Add Labels video HERE. 

100% Cotton labels are biodegradable

LABELS BY KATM are Super High-Quality woven labels, they are classified as HD which is similar to a thread count in sheets, finer and more threads which give the crispest designs. They are Oeko-Tex certified, washable, durable, and non-scratchy!

Photo Credit: Kylie and the Machine