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Kristy Lea

About Kristy

I love to quilt. Like, LOVE it. Which is a little strange, given my history. I avoided the sewing machines in Home Economics in high school like the plague. Maybe it was all the stories the teacher told about sewing right through your finger (which I still have yet to do, fingers crossed!). I became excellent at trading tasks with friends to avoid using the machines in Home Economics, Woodwork, oh and Computers. A little hilarious how life turns out and now my work is all about sewing machines and computers (still no woodwork though – I’ve stayed true to High School Kristy there!).

I’ve always been creative  – cross stitch, crocheting, paper quilling, painting etc. But I always used to look longingly at the beautiful fabrics in the shops and wished I could make something with them. My mum had sewn clothes as we grew up but that didn’t interest me. Quilts however.. So after my youngest was born in 2010, I decided I needed a new hobby. My mum surprised me with a gift of a rotary cutter, a mat and a fat quarter bundle, and loaned me her machine + a few basic lessons in sewing. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge on the internet… the rest is history.

Fast forward to now and I feel incredibly blessed to be at a point where this industry is my job (if you can call it work!). Between designing for Quiet Play, and working as part of the Make Modern team, I get to be creative all day, every day


My focus is on foundation paper piecing. Which, if you had told me that it would be my passion back when I first tried it, I would have laughed til I fell off my chair. My first attempts were not amazing. But there was something about it – I stuck with it and I grew to love it. Now it’s my go-to for when I want to make something. I may or may not also be known to try to FPP a regular pieced pattern. There’s just something about those crisp angles and the accuracy! It makes my quilty heart flutter.

One of the things I love most about designing patterns, is seeing how other people make them their own. I love to see the fabric choices, the fussy cutting, or even the slight tweaks and changes that people make to make the pattern their own creation. I spend a fair bit of time simplifying patterns, and walking that fine line between having enough detail in a design, but not too many crazy tiny pieces. I also avoid y-seams. Does anyone like those things?!

Check out my tutorials for some hints and tips on making your foundation paper piecing life easier. Or head over to my shop and grab yourself a pattern. You can find a bunch of freebies in my Craftsy shop to get you started. Oh and I’d love if we could be newsletter buddies! Go on, sign up, you know you want to  Come join the dark side where all the foundation paper piecers dwell!


Happy sewing!


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