AnneMarie Chany

About AnneMarie Chany...

In my 20s, as an engineering student, I was completely submerged in everything male. Gears, beers, and dirty jokes. It was a lot to handle as a young woman. After a decade of neglecting crafty hobbies, I finally started to reconnect with the artist in me. 

Quilting was love at first sight (2006) when I left the corporate world to stay home with my children. Quilting marries creativity and precision: the perfect combination of texture, color, shapes, lines and measurement.

In 2010, I started my quilt pattern company, as designing was a natural progression for me. I am passionate about samplers and Block of the Month programs, blending traditional blocks with unique modern settings. I love teaching (ahem, recruiting new fabric addicts) to share my passion.

I live in Columbus, Ohio, with my husband and three sons. When your hobby becomes your career, you need a new hobby! I try desperately to call myself a runner - however slow I may be. :)